“The Plague of Sin” and “The Cure of a Living Physician”: Bad News and Good News from Blessed Doctor Luther

Original sin is not a quiescent thing, but a kind of continuous motion or entelechy, producing its own effects. It is not a quiescent quality, but a restless evil which labors day and night, even in those who sleep. We see it in nocturnal defilements. It is a restless animal, a beast which cannot stand […]

Fr. Jack Whritenour defines the term “Evangelical Catholic”

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“Who’s right, St. Paul or St. James?” The Formula of Concord on faith and its fruit.

When people try to undermine justification sola fide as it is taught in Romans with James chapter 2, all of the explanation you need can be found in the Formula of Concord, Article III. The question answered by James 2:20 is not “How is a man justified?” but rather “How do you see that a […]

Episode 24: This is my body? Really?

On this subject Matt and Levi discuss the Lord’s Supper and how this doctrine makes Lutherans more Catholic than Protestant, while Trent serves coffee somewhere in the barren wasteland of Canada. We read through scripture, the confessions, and a few early church fathers as we do our best to explain why Lutherans (and the rest […]

“God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who is the eternal and essential righteousness, dwells by faith in the elect…”

The following quote is taken from a comment by Rev. Dr. Holger Sonntag from an ongoing conversation over at Brothers of John the Steadfast. For a sneak-peek of Dr. Sonntag’s English translation of The Apology of the Book of Concord, coming Summer 2015, click here! +          +         […]

Martin Luther's Complete Antinomian Theses & Disputations.
Why the Antinomian disputations? Why now? Whether it is the disappearance of the last generation of native-German speaking Americans, a residual post-World War II anti-German bias, or simply neglect, the theology of Luther that made its way out of the 16th century seems to have devolved, at least in the United States, into simple caricature. If known at all, Lutheran theology seems simply to be that which bolsters or buttresses contemporary theological concepts, ideas and trends...By bringing an unknown work of Luther to light, once again the reader is forced to consider the greater question of his theology in toto.
This 224 page work presents Luther's Antinomian Theses & Disputations in English for the very first time, and is a must-have for anyone interested in Lutheran theology.
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Francis Pieper: “The Necessity of Sanctification and Good Works” and “The Imperfection of Sanctification”

From Christian Dogmatics, Vol. III, (CPH, St. Louis: 2011) pp. 20-37 The Necessity of Sanctification and Good Works The dispute about the necessity of good works was in part simply a logomachy, the words “necessity” and “free” lending themselves to different meanings. Formula of Concord: “This controversy was originally occasioned by the words necessitas and libertas, that is, necessary […]

A translation of Christliche Dogmatik, Volume III addresses sanctification, good works, christian life, means of grace, law and gospel, baptism, Lord's Supper, Christian church, public ministry, eternal election, and eschatology.
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Resources from Dr. Joel Biermann on the Two Kinds of Righteousness

This is a compilation of many of the available resources from Joel Biermann regarding his teaching on the two kinds of righteousness. Just and Sinner Programs Two Kinds of Righteousness A Case for Character Preaching the Two Kinds of Righteousness   Other interviews A Case for Character (and Potlucks!)- Boars in the Vineyard   Videos […]


Always Reforming

On today’s program, I played a lecture from Rev. Dave Spotts of Wittenberg Door Ministries in Columbia, MO. In this presentation pastor Spotts makes a case for judging our faith and practice against Scripture. This use of Scripture as our authority in judging the history of the Christian faith is central to living an authentic, […]