Luther and Chemnitz and Gerhard — Oh My! “The Simul”, Free Will, and the Lutheran Fathers

There has been a fair amount of misrepresentation of Lutheranism by Lutherans in recent days and weeks — on the internet, of course, or how else could I make such a statement? Clairvoyant, I ain’t. Anyway, these misrepresentations are by no means original or unprecedented (in fact they are quite common), but they are still very […]


Response to Rich Lusk on Law and Gospel

On today’s program I responded to an article by Federal Vision leader Rich Lusk titled “Why the Law/Gospel Paradigm is Flawed,” which can be found here. The program mostly centered around the relationship between the Mosaic Law and the Abrahamic promise. Here is the program.


Episode 6: Pseudepodcast – Special Edition: “The Fatherhood of God,” by Rev. Dr. Richard D. Stuckwisch

Pseudepodcast would like to thank Pr. Peter Bender, the Concordia Catechetical Academy, and Rev. Dr. Richard Stuckwisch for graciously allowing us to air Dr. Stuckwisch’s talk. Featured material: The Concordia Catechetical Academy thinking-out-loud | Rev. Dr. Stuckwisch’s blog Gottesdienst Online | A Blog of the Evangelical Lutheran Liturgy   +SDG+


Christification: A Lutheran Approach to Theosis, now available!

My new book Christification: A Lutheran Approach to Theosis is now available from Wipf & Stock! Here is the description: The doctrine of theosis has enjoyed a recent resurgence among varied theological traditions across the realms of historical, dogmatic, and exegetical theology. In Christification: A Lutheran Approach to Theosis, Jordan Cooper evaluates this teaching from […]

Why it’s important to say “Catholic” in Article III of the Creed

reposted from a Facebook conversation from awhile back; starting in medias res… Catholicam, while it does mean universal, also means “whole.” (Technically, “ecumenical” more literally means “universal.”) With that said, it is important to confess the catholicity of the Church for the simple reason that the opposite of “Catholic” is not “Protestant” but rather “sectarian” […]

Episode 5: In which two TULIP petals are plucked…

Questions or comments? Feel free to use the Just & Sinner contact page; scroll down and you’ll see our form. In this pscintillating pseudepodcast Matt, Levi, and Trent applied themselves diligently to the task of having something to say about Calvinism. It was interesting. Listen for Levi’s amazing pronunciation of “Huldrych/Ulrich/Ulricht Zwingli” and the reason […]