Sermonic Double-Shot

Did I preach two different sermons last Sunday? No, I just never posted my sermon from the preceding week, since I was busy driving to Texas, driving back from Texas, and running over deer-sized roadkill, not necessarily in that order. So here’s my sermon from two Sundays ago, on Divine Providence and Isaiah’s prophecy concerning […]


Preaching the Two Kinds of Righteousness

On today’s program, I played a lecture given by Dr. Joel Biermann at the AALC pastor’s retreat held on the campus of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. The theme of the lecture is preaching and the two kinds of righteousness. Here is the program

Episode 20: Legal Fictions and how do we get that good stuff in us?

On today’s show we discuss whether the doctrine of Sola Fide is actually a legal fiction. When God declares us righteous, is he actually telling the truth? The Pseudepodcast lads read obscure Luther quotes that make it sound like he said things other than “sin boldly”. Featured Content Justification — Forensic and Real: How the […]


The Doctrine of Justification

On today’s program, I gave an overview of the doctrine of justification as it is taught in the Lutheran scholastics. This is a follow up to the programs on the Ordo Salutis and on the Grace of the Holy Spirit. Here is the program